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How can the viewer today possibly understand such images? The Romans' emphasis on martial values and courage, their class structure, their belief in slavery, and their love of public shows all merged in the creation of a unique institution that functioned on many levels.

  • That being said, we must also consider whether the media that survive from antiquity were meant to transmit such a subject.

  • One method of execution that was favored by the audience was to simply allow the criminal to run around the arena.

  • When badly behaved girls were subjected to a naked public it no doubt taught them to respect the Romans as well as setting an example to other would be malcontents and providing wholesome entertainment for the general population at the same time.

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Public executions were intentionally meant to be humiliating and degrading to the condemned.

  • The earliest recorded Roman examples were hand-to-hand combats, probably involving captives, performed at funerary games at Rome.

  • Campanian tomb paintings from the area of Paestum do show combat by pairs of men in the fourth century B.

  • Under Rule of the Pope It would be erroneous to blame all of the brutal executions that took place in the Colosseum on the ancient Romans.