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An example of the latter occurs in the Scottish sitcom, , when says, "I'm away for a Lillian Gish"—meaning "I'm away for a pish" "pish" being Scottish vernacular for piss.

  • They tried and tried, and even went through years of IVF but nothing came of it.

  • GWTW: The Making of Gone With the Wind mass market paperback ed.

  • The Good Wife Amanda and Todd were the perfect couple.

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The people who wrote GENESIS were understandably afraid of the dark, not having electric street-lights to provide sufficient artificial illumination.

  • News sites like the BBC use Wordpress, and even Sylvester Stalone has chosen this platform to power his fan page.

  • Hasil Penelitian dirilis tahun ini menunjukkan daya tarik magnetik ini hadir pada burung lain.

  • For the remainder of her life, she always referred to him as "Mr.

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