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Lexi Sexy Lexi Love

Lexi Sexy Grappling With

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I'm glad you're here, Lex.

  • I mean why not? Lexi lost her virginity at age 17.

  • Grappling looks more at particular tragic incidents that have in some instances altered pro wrestling in some way.

  • Alex, Facebook What is the largest animal you could throw over a soccer crossbar? All of Tucson deserves to know.

Lexi Belle

So you must be here for Stef's big day.

  • What is it specifically you like about them? Extremely cute, bubbly, and sexy 5'3" blonde bombshell Lexi Belle was born on August 5, 1987 in Independence, Louisiana.

  • She loooves taco bell.

  • Is there a lot of infighting or does everyone get along? She even made the cut in 2009, finishing 34th.