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Assessing effectiveness of an e-learning tool to aid junior doctor management of febrile children

Refining evaluation methodologies for interventions that change practice (REMIT): A model to assess the effectiveness of an e-learning tool in improving the management of febrile children by junior doctors

InjuriesEmergencies (co-adopted by Children, CriticalCare)
Portfolio Eligibility
Automatically eligible
ISRCTN 94772165
MREC N° 11/EM/0186
UKCRN ID 11696
Research Summary
There are many educational programmes aimed at improving the clinical practice of health care professionals. A number of these programmes are delivered via information technology systems and described as ‘e-Learning’. Determing how beneficial they are is difficult as educational outcomes are not always objective or easily measurable. This study will create a system to test the effeciveness of e-learning packages for health care professionals. A group of junior doctors will undertake an online learning package on dealing with young children with fever. They will all have various aspects of their practice assessed by questionnaire, knowledge testing and direct observation of their consultations. These methods will be analysed to decide which is most suitable for deciding whether the learning package is useful.
Study Type Interventional
Design Type Not specified
Disease(s) Injuries and Emergencies
All Diseases
All Critical care
Phase N/A
Current Status Closed - in follow-up
Closure Date 3/5/2013
Global Sample Size 100
Global Recruitment to Date
Geographical Scope UK Multi-Centre
Lead Country England
Main Inclusion Criteria
For Focus Group:
Junior Doctor ST2 or below

For Observation pilot testing and main study:
Although the children are not being studied directly themselves the observation of a doctors performance will be on children less than 5 years old who present with a fever or parent reported history of a fever.
Main Exclusion Criteria
For main study:
Junior doctor in possession of any part of the MRCPCH
Chief Investigator(s)
Dr Damian Roland
Further details, please contact
Dr Damian Roland

University of Leicester
Department of Cardiovascular Sciences
Leicester Royal Infirmary
Infirmary Square

Tel: 07727158213
Funder(s) NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship
Sponsor(s) University of Leicester
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