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Women Offenders Repeat Self-Harm Intervention Pilot II

Portfolio Eligibility
Automatically eligible
ISRCTN 18761534
MREC N° 12/EE/0179
UKCRN ID 11830
Research Summary
Only 5% of the prison population is women, but they account for almost half of self-harm (SH) incidents in prison. This is a rate of 333 per 100,000 compared with a rate of 62 per 100,000 for men. The extent and seriousness of SH in women’s prisons is increasing and is a serious health concern. Rates of suicide are also far greater in women in prison. Services are required to develop close partnerships so prisoners have access to healthcare as the general population. A recent review in 2010 highlighted a need for development of evidence based SH prevention strategies for female prisoners; currently few exist, none are women-centred and none have been evaluated. There is an urgent need to develop targeted interventions to enable shared understanding and approaches to SH in female prisoners. To address this gap the aim of the study is to examine efficacy of Psychodynamic-Interpersonal Therapy (PIT) versus an Active Control (AC) for repeat self-harm (SH), measured by suicidal ideation, thoughts of SH, and repetition & severity of SH in women prisoners within a randomised control trial (RCT). Women prisoners aged over 18 in three prisons will be randomly assigned to receive 4-8 sessions of PIT or AC. PIT will be delivered by Psychiatry Trainees & AC by a research assistant. We shall 1) Assess women's thoughts of suicide & SH, the number and severity of SH events at the start of the study, after therapy and 6 months later 2) test out methods of following women for 6 months 3) test ways to collect information on use of prison resources resulting from women's SH.
Study Type Interventional
Design Type Treatment
Disease(s) Suicide and self harm
Phase Pilot/Feasibility
Current Status Closed - follow-up complete
Closure Date 10/1/2014
Global Sample Size 127
Global Recruitment to Date
Geographical Scope UK Multi-Centre
Lead Country England
Main Inclusion Criteria
(i) Women offenders aged over 18 years old. (ii) On an ACCT (Assessment, Care in Custody and Teamwork) (iii) Self-harmed in the previous month. (iv) The female prisoners will also be screened for date of release or trial. If on remand they will need to have a minimum of 6 weeks to complete sessions.
Main Exclusion Criteria
(i) Women currently at serious risk of harm to others or suicide. (ii) Moderate to severe learning disability or without capacity to consent. (iii) Women who dont speak English. (iv) Women who are currently receiving a therapeutic intervention in prison.
Chief Investigator(s)
Dr Kathryn Abel
Further details, please contact
Dr Tammi Walker

Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences (University of Manchester)
Jean MacFarlane Building
Oxford Road
Greater Manchester
M13 9PL

Tel: 07595367550
Funder(s) NIHR Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)
Sponsor(s) Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences (University of Manchester)
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