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Evaluation of the New Medicine Service (Version 1)

Understanding and Appraising the New Medicine Service in the NHS in England

Portfolio Eligibility
Automatically eligible
ISRCTN 23560818
MREC N° 12/WM/0096
UKCRN ID 12494
Research Summary
About 25% medicines prescribed for longterm conditions are not taken as directed, and approximately 15% people receiving a new medicine take few, if any, doses. The New Medicines Service (NMS) is a community pharmacy service that started in England in October 2011 which involves the pharmacist providing additional support to patients starting a new medicine for some breathing problems (asthma & COPD), high blood pressure, adult onset diabetes or medicines which reduce blood clotting. It aims to improve the way patients take their medicines improving outcomesand reducing costs to the NHS. We will assess the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the NMS using a research study where some people will receive the NMS, and some won’t, so we can look at the effect of the NMS on problems with their medicines, medicines taking and use of the NHS in general. Data will be collected in the East Midlands, South Yorkshire and London areas. We will recruit 500 patients from a range of different pharmacies and follow them up at six, ten and twenty six weeks after starting their new medicine to assess effects on medicines taking behaviour, patients’ reported problems with medicines, referrals to their GP and use of NHS resources. We will compare the data we gather from our study with that being collected routinely by all pharmacies in England to provide wider estimates of costeffectiveness. We will also explore how the NMS service is being implemented by pharmacies. A sample of patients from the main study will be followed in more detail. This will involve recording the consultations with the pharmacist and also interviewing patients about their experience of the service. We will interview the patients GP to investigate their views of the service. We will also try to understand why people decline the invitation for the NMS.
Study Type Interventional
Design Type Process of Care
Disease(s) All Diseases
Phase Experimental Medicine
Current Status Closed - in follow-up
Closure Date 9/27/2013
Global Sample Size 500
Global Recruitment to Date
Geographical Scope UK Multi-Centre
Lead Country England
Health care professionals can obtain a copy of the protocol by clicking here
Study Website
Main Inclusion Criteria
They are community dwelling patients eligible for NMS (i.e. aged from 14 years starting a new medicine for asthma/COPD, diabetes (Type 2), antiplatelets/anticoagulants or hypertension). There is no upper age limit forproviding the NMS hence there is no upper limit for patients taking part in the RCT.
They are able to understand patient/participant study documents
They are able and willing to provide informed assent/consent.
The pharmacist will provide the patient with details of the study to in order to allow the patient to make an informed decision to take part into the study or not.
Main Exclusion Criteria
Those not eligible for NMS such as:
- Younger patients who may not be able to understand the NMS service and/ or consenting procedure
- Patients collecting a repeat prescription for a medicine for asthma/COPD, type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), antiplatelets/anticoagulants or hypertension
- Patients collecting a medicine where the only change from the previous medicine involves a dosage or formulation change only
- Participants who are unable to understand patient/participant study documents
- Participants who are unable and unwilling to provide assent/consent
Chief Investigator(s)
Dr Matthew BoydProf Rachel Elliott
Further details, please contact
Dr Matthew Boyd

University of Nottingham
School of Pharmacy
University Park

Tel: 0115 951 5061
Fax: 0115 84 66249
Funder(s) NIHR Central Commissioning Facility
Sponsor(s) University of Nottingham
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